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T-Shirt Swap WInter Spring 2017

*****Sign ups will run from today to March 18, 2017 ********

No whining if you miss the cut off date, get a tampon and take a few midol and deal with it til the summer / fall swap!

After a year off it's time to get this going again...
Gonna run this til mid March 2017 so everyone has a chance to sign up

Please Use This Format:

Username, Location ((s) if more than one dealer in your area)
Username +1, Rack (chick shirt) +1 Stick (guy shirt) Location(s)

Sample Listings:

for a single member:

Bbally, Grand Junction, CO (or Doc Holiday in Glennwood Springs)

for a Member and spouse, significant other, etc...

Bbally +1 Rack (chick shirt) +1 Stick (guy shirt) Grand Junction, CO (or Doc Holiday in Glennwood Springs)

I really looked forward to these in the past and when 2010ultra was doing them he had good success, but please read this and Follow the example. This is key so I can copy and paste vs. having to type every ones screen names and location.

Please read this ENTIRE posting to make sure you understand what's involved.

Here's what I suggest. I am willing to administer this, as long as the thread doesn't get HIJACKED. That will just make it too difficult to keep track of. I don't want to have to read through 200 posts about Misc. Stuff just to get a few names. If you are not interested, do me a favor, and don't post on here.
How it works is:

1. If you want to participate, sign up on this thread.
2. List your forum name and location
3. After a period of time, say 4 weeks, I will do the pair ups.
4. I will notify the pairs on a new thread.
5. You will contact your pair partner, and exchange information (names, addresses, size, color and design of shirt preferred, choice of dealer, etc.)
6. You will buy an official dealer branded HD T-Shirt from your local dealer and send it to your assigned partner at your expense.
7. They will buy and send a dealer branded HD T-shirt to you.

ONLY brand new, official dealer branded HD shirts are acceptable. No used crap or $10 Wal-Mart or flea market crap. Your partner is going to drop $40 or so bucks to get you a shirt and send it, don't rip them off.
Also, don't ask for a long sleeve shirt with buttons, etc. This is just a standard T-shirt or pocket t unless both you and your partner agree on more.

That's about it. I will try to make up the pairs so you get a shirt as far away from you as possible. Once the partners are set, if you are not comfortable with my choice, Tough Shitt. I will bump this everyday.

After you receive your shirts, it's cool to post pictures of what you got.
HELPFUL HINT. Ship t-Shirts in a bubble mailer type of an envelope. It's the cheapest postage. Avoid the small boxes. Use USPS or Canada Post when shipping cross border. Couriers such as FedEx or UPS charge huge "brokerage fees" to the receiver.

*****Sign ups will run from today to March 18, 2017 ********

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