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Advertised, UN-advertised "specials"
Advertise to the local populace and all customers, via radio, TV, or mailer... that you will be running UN-advertised specials each week during during the "winter months, which around here is close to Dec 1 to Mar 31.
Kinda like a "blue light" deal at K mart.
The cutomsers KNOW that SOMETHING will go on sale , or be reduced for a whole week at a time

they need to come INTO the store to find out what it is,[this week] No sir, I cannot tell you over the phone!
But, by the same token, you could put up a list, INSIDE the store, telling what the "special" will befor maybe each of the next two weeks or so. AGAIN, folks would need to come in, to find out what it was that they could save money on.
If someone is considering a purchase on a "bigger ticket item" , it could be checked against the masterlist of upcoming specials, tell the customer and he/she would , likely be happy to know that waiting a week or two could save them some cash.

Happy buyers and more likely to return.
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One of the dealers close to me has workshops on oil changes and general maint. stuff, the only problem is, it is always on a week night. I work second shift.

My point...... don't forget about the people that work in the evenings, I miss out on ALOT of cool stuff like that, Saturdays some times works for me but I have been on mandatory overtime on Saturdays since June.

You would be suprised how many people would come to your dealership on a week day morning for workshops.

Maybe you could open on a Sunday for 4 hours or so and have a workshop or some how to clinics, hell roll a big screen tv into the shop and have a cigar and movie day or hook up a x box or a wii and play for t shirts or half price goodies.
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salesmen could do seminars on different models to compare different machines. i see alot of folks on here askin " which harley should i buy". find out what kind of riding they want to do & suggest the models that would work best for them & why?
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Here are my 2 pennies worth.

1. Be the first dealership to allow customers to haggle price. I know you do not get full price unless you ask for it but the current charter of most if not all Harley dealers is the price is what is is. Yes I know some might offer other incentives and come off the sticker price, but seriously allow the customer to haggle. Heck, sometimes a couple of hundred is good sometimes a grand or so will allow a customer to buy instead of walking.

2. Service. I know the service manager dictates policy to the technicians. However when a customer brings his pride and joy to the dealer, you as the technician need to take ownership of their problem. What I mean is this. Go the extra mile to make sure everything is correct and fixed/repaired properly. Treat the scooter like you owned it. If you see additional problems let the customer know, if he is paying out of pocket. If the scooter is under warranty fix all problems you see not just the one the customer brought it in for. This will pay you dividends, not only in future service work but dealership profits as well.

3. Get to know your customers on a personal basis. After all we are a brother hood. Treat them the way you want to be treated and return business will increase. Too many times dealers treat customers at arms length. Go above and beyond.

4. Telephone at the dealership. When a customer walks in and has to wait for the guy on the phone to hang up in order to get a part/do business. have the phone person put the caller on hold. After all the customer is there and ready to do business. The caller although important aint got his wallet ready.

I could go on. I hope you do not take the above comments as negative or bashing. THey were not meant to be. I travel extensively and make a point to go to the local Harley shop wherever I may be. These observations and comments were gathered on all my trips in the last 4 years.

Change is sometimes a good thing not business as usual.

Glenn Williams
Fort Worth, Texas

Loud pipes save lives. When all else fails, stop drop & roll.
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I know a dlr in dallas area does a Christmas dinner for all the people who bought bikes that year. They also do a customer appreciation day around mid dec with free finger foods and drinks. A lot of times it's all about having an even to hang out at; it may not sell a lot of bikes but you may sell a good amount of motorclothes and parts and accessories. If nothing else, you will gain trust and support in your riders by showing them your dealer appreciates them.
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Trailer service to and from is always a good idea as mentioned earlier. Maybe have an after hrs get together say 6-10. Have food, drinks, specials on clothes or parts, and maybe a local band. Thats what my dealer does but they never advertise early enough for me to schedule it. I work retail so nows our busy time and i ussually have to work the day shift, especially saturdays.
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Well I spend a lot of time at my dealer in fact just yesterday a Rider's edge instructor asked me if I lived there.

Mostly it's a good location for everyone to "meet" for a ride. They've got a nice covered area with chairs and tables and a soda machine. Granted they have video cameras everywhere but even when they are not open people continue to meet and the owner claims to have never had problems. It might even be a benefit as there is almost always someone around during the days they are closed.

Having said that, yes you want traffic but you also want sales. In fact the only reason for the traffic in the first place is future sales, you are after all running a business.

Now last night was probably the first time I never went into the store and that was because I was late and spent time yakking with everyone that showed up. But it's about 50% of the time I do purchase something even if it's just a gremlin bell or a bottle of Octane booster.

Inside the dealership has a customer lounge with coffee and a pool table, it's really surprising how little the pool table gets used but it's there and they encourage the gatherings.

They use email quite frequently I suppose I get something twice a week from them advertising some type of special or a weekend event.

About once a month (more in warm weather of course) they sponsor some type of theme ride usually about 70 miles in distance.

They are also a location for riders edge class rooms. You won't find a base of more possible customers than people looking to get a motorcycle endorsement. If they are coming to a rider's edge course they more than likely are leaning toward HD as rider's edge is more expensive than the other MSF courses and it's the same instructors.

It's just natural anymore for me to jump on the bike and head to the dealer first to either meet someone or look around. Heck it's not uncommon to pick up another couple of guys/gals you've never met to ride with there.

Yes we all enjoy riding motorcycles however we are social animals to some extent and also like meeting people with similar interests. If you can cultivate that "welcome" feeling it's possible they'll start meeting at your dealership.

And for some of you out there, I've never seen a bias against metric bikes there are times there are more of them than HD in the parking lot and more than a few go on the sponsored rides.
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Originally Posted by Badinfluence View Post
Try dropping the price on sweatshirts and t-shirts. Pocket t-shirt at dealer, 30 bucks. Pocket t-shirt at wallyworld, 3 for 10 bucks. Paying to advertise for a dealership, just doesn't make much sense to me.
Actually T-Shirts and the motor clothes dept. are the one thing I always ride them about when looking, and it has nothing to do with price for the most part.

Here I am wanting to buy a "branded shirt", chaps, coat or even gloves and have to really dig for something made in the USA. Go to the HD website and check the link on "why Harley Davidson".

One of the reasons they use is "American Craftsmanship", which you can argue all you want but if that is your stance, WTF put your name on something made in China, Mexico, Pakastan, Haiti or Indonesia?

Sometimes you don't have one but if I've got a choice between two "LIKE" items I'll pick Made in the USA even if it costs me more.

I don't shop at wally world either ....

And before anyone goes off, my wife drives a Toyota which for that particular model is as much, if not more "Made in the USA" as anything comparable.
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have a discounted "LADIES NIGHT",

you can PM me for and address ta send the t-shirt.
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Originally Posted by HopperHB View Post
have a discounted "LADIES NIGHT",
Where do ya find discounted ladies????

Sorry couldn't resist...

"Our lady of blessed acceleration don't fail me now."--- Elwood Blues

"What does not kill you makes you stronger..... except for bears, bears will kill you."

"Give her full throttle till ya see God... then back off"--- Some guy in a bar.
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