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Bad accident (not me) and one lucky girl

I am not sure this is the right place, or the time or the notion. But I'd rather tell these stories, in the hope that they would help some-body, some-time. Read them, learn from them. I'm not saying that I'm doing everything perfectly, but these are the horror stories that we all walk away from and they leave a mark on everybody involved; including yours truly. They make me a better rider and hopefully they would pop in your mind in a similar situation and will help you out in some way.

So here goes.

This Friday (Nov 16, 2012) ~6:30PM. It's rush hour traffic. My usual route: ride up to 63rd street, take FDR South and get back on Manhattan bridge further South. No traffic lights so it's a faster route than taking local roads - unless it's raining heavy or snowing then FDR is the way to suicide.

The joining from 63rd to FDR South is funny, you take a 90 degree tight right turn with a bit of a ramp and if you miss the turn then you end up somewhere else. So there's a bit of a confusion on non-NYC drivers ( especially if they have NJ plates ) and during rush hour things are always hectic on that ramp. So my radars are wide open. Pay attention to traffic on FDR before merge. The worst thing you can do is speed up only to find the parking lot on the highway and then lodge yourself on the first non-moving object on the road because either you cannot stop, or the idiot behind you cannot.

It's dark. As I come up, I notice the traffic on FDR; mental note: I won't be able to merge fast, slow down, force the guy behind me to slow down as well. The car behind me is very close.

Off the ramp, there is a van approaching on the right lane to where I'll merge, the scenery behind the van's front bumper is not changing (sailing 101) we're moving at the same speed and our vectors are crossing - at this speed we will collide. I speed up a bit to give myself room. Can't. The car behind is keeping distance, I slow (haven't merged yet) I try to look behind the van on my left mirror. I see three headlights behind the van. One car, one bike in front. I take a mental note, the single head light is traversing the lane and it is too fast.

Van slows down a bit, I get room, speed up, merge... and I hear a loud, loud BANG. Mind you, second gear, I'm speeding up, have full face helmet, music blaring on my ears and I hear the bang. That little process in my brain that marked the headlight says "that headlight just crashed". On the left mirror I see sparks under the van across the road. I make the traditional "f@#$#K" sound and slam on the brakes.

I pull to the right side. This is one of the worst spots on FDR: it's a short tunnel type of strip that goes under a building/park and it's a turn. Worst spot. In my mind I'm replaying all those YouTube videos that has people getting run over because they stop dead smack middle of turns on highways. I almost want to continue and not help but I can't. So I stop, praying, flashers on. The van has stopped behind me, all traffic has stopped. I cut the engine, put the peg down and curse at Harley because it leans too much to the left - which I normally love but in this case, I am leaning into the right lane on a left turn at the darkest corner of FDR. I dismount (maybe 5 seconds passed so far) look behind see the van slowly moving and use the opportunity to launch myself on the middle lane since the van is blocking the lanes for me.

I start running against the traffic towards the accident. Bike is on the middle lane, rider on the left by Hudson side. I'm maybe 50 yards away. I see the rider getting up and I think "thank goodness, he's alive" stumbles towards the bike, picks the bike up and mounts it. My first reaction is to yell "don't mount the bike, don't start the bike, just push it to the side" and I reach him. Put my hand on his shoulder I yell "I'll push the bike, let's move to the side" and the rider turns to me and flips open the visor. It's one of the cutest faces I have ever seen. Trembling, she yells "it won't start, I can't start it" and I repeat "I'll push, move" and I notice the pool of oil on the road plus the smell of gas. I push her to the right shoulder (which is about two feet wide) and the traffic picks up.

I look at my bike, cars are barely missing it. I say the traditional "f@#$#K!" and keep pushing but her bike won't move. At this moment a vehicle stops behind me and somebody yells "do you need help?" I turn around and I see an ambulance!
- Are you an ambulance?
- Yeap!
- What the?!?
- Lady do you want to go to the hospital?
- No! (she yells)

I tell her to dismount the bike, move her limbs. I notice the huge missing piece of clothing on her left upper leg, blood and the worst road-rash I have ever seen. She seems OK. I ask her to move all her fingers, arms, and she keeps saying she's OK. the ambulance guy asks two more times, and she answers two more times NO! then the ambulance leaves. She goes "I can't start, it won't start if it's not on neutral" I check her bike, left side almost flattened, handles look OK, shifter completely flat out turned inside. I try to pry it loose succeed a bit, get it on neutral but it's unshiftable. Get the bike running, put it on first with my hand and I tell her:

- Now, we're going to ride together, you'll ride in front of me, stay in first gear, won't go above 10 and we'll take the first exit. Pull over on the first opportunity on the right hand side and dismount and cut the engine. I'll cover you.

She nods and we get going.

After we get off of FDR and stop, I tell her to take off her helmet, gloves and sit on the pavement and just breathe. No more injuries, a bit of a bruise here and there. And she realizes the extent of the damage only then. And I realize that she's wearing tights. Tights! Thank goodness she has a very good helmet and high quality gloves. Regular street boots (all messed up) and tights for crying out loud. Had she had good armor, she'd have walked away unstratched!

I check her bike, left side, scratches, broken pieces, I am reciting aloud as I investigate:

- Scratched here, broke here, shifter all messed up
- Can you fix it?
- Not without tools... Left mirror gone, left turn signal on the front gone. It figures, you took a very bad fall on your left
- Oh, no, those are from my first crash
- What? You've been riding without a signal and a mirror?
- Yes, I didn't have a chance to get them fixed. Just happened like a couple of weeks ago
- You crashed a couple of weeks ago and you did this tonight?
- But it's not my fault. There were leaves on the road.
- What? OK. I wasn't going to say anytying, but I am now. This was your fault
- How, I wasn't too fast. The guy in front stopped hard and I skid.
- Of course he's going to stop hard. He has ABS, he has an airbag, he's stupid. He'll do whatever he wants. It's your job to protect yourself and leave enough room for these. I saw you. You were going stupidly fast.
- No I wasn't. I wasn't going too fast
- Could you stop?
- No
- Why did you fall?
- I locked my brakes (did I say she was too cute? she says this in such a cute way that I want to be serious and be intimidating but I cannot help but smile. dammit!)
- And that's because?
- I was going fast and I couldn't stop
- Well done. You were too fast for your circumstances. That's what I call "stupidly fast". I do 110 if I want to but on an open road on the highway. In traffic, you should be going slower than the guy in front of you. Otherwise you crash. Please, please learn your lesson. Plus, if this wasn't rush hour traffic you'd be dead now. Very few people survive a fall like that on FDR with this little injury.
- Yes. I thought I was going to die. All I was thinking of was how to throw myself so that the car behind me does not run me over.

The rest of the night is very long and even more interesting. But this definitely is not the forum for that story. I ended up in WPIX11's news room, meeting the crew and having a blast. Helped her clean up her wound, taught her how to dress it and keep it clean (waaay too much experience in that department)

Told her to watch the Flick of the Wrist videos. And said "just because we say 'third time's the charm' does not mean that the third one's going to have a happy ending. please be careful. and don't forget. you already cost half a dozen teenagers their motorcycle experiences. Parents in those cars who witnessed that accident will not let their kids get on a bike before they 21"

Hopefully I will never see her in an accident again.

There is a lesson, every day, every minute on the road for me. Hopefully for somebody else here too.
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Good story and lesson Icy.
Glad that you could help her out.
We can never take anything for granted,
especially assuming other drivers
are going to do the smart careful thing.
Usually safest to prepare for them to make the most irrational decision possible.

"I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!" - Socrates

"This is my Bike. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My Bike is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My Bike, without me, is useless. Without my Bike, I am useless."

Big D. in SC
**Sergeant at Arms, LYMCKKC**

"See ya on the Trail!"
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Good read Icy...thanks. And nice job on helpin the little lady out .

I hate big city traffic. Rode my Yamaha 750 for a few years when I lived in Madrid, Spain. Talk about scary .
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I'm still not past the, she was cute part though..
Give me a little time and I'll acknowledge the crash...

Really though, in all seriousness it is sad how many people who don't really know how to ride hop on bikes and do dangerous things. Not good. Not good

Glad you were there to help

Link to my Youtube channel. All riding videos. Enjoy.

"Mr. Lahey is this you talking or the liquor?"

"Randy...(takes a swig)...I am the Liquor!!!"
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thank you for the support gentlemen. we have a motorcycle meetup here in new york; they are well known for their "we have a crash on every ride we do" motto. can't recite their names though. the founders are real nice people - so I hear. but the dumbasses that join the group who fit in XL1200R's categorization give them the bad motto. sooo many of them.

Heck. We did a ride the other weekend, went to Orange County Choppers and on the way back on the gates of Tapanzee Bridge 4 sports bikers jumped the gates, two police cars in hot pursuit. They didn't even slow down at the gates, zoomed past us full speed, into traffic, then one of them crashed about 10 cars ahead of us. Saw the entire thing like a movie. Cops grabbed him on the road, bike still smoking, cuffed him up. His friends bailed, of course, leaving him there. It boggles the mind. What is the exact purpose of all this?
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Wow, I don't know how you think this isn't forum isn't the right place for this story. Holy smokes. It's a good reminder about defensive riding and riding safe. How we ride in the city is different than on the open road. I of course prefer the open road. Good story and ultimately outcome.

Let's ride, I mean let's just ride!
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Thanks for the story. Glad you stopped to help. One can only hope she listens to your words of wisdom.
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Being in a safety possition at work (one of them being a motorcycle mentor for others in my Sq) I like seeing these stories. Not because of someone getting hurt or trashing a bike or anything like that, I hate that part of it. I like it because it gives me something to tell other motorcycle riders around base so maybe they won't make the same mistake.

Major kudos for being in the wrong place at the right time to do the right thing. Hopefully she will take your words to heart and learn something from this experience and not become a statistic.

All people exist, but very few actually live.
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Thank you all. These are the stories that I dare share. There are ones that I don't even want to recite to myself. And I wholeheartedly share your sentiments - as you are aware - the reason of the post is not to boast but to set pointers to common mistakes we all do.
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Nice job and you did only as any good person would. ...but yet she was cute. Did you get her number?
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