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Originally Posted by Thunder~Struck View Post
He is the first one I have ever heard admit there was a quota.
There's no "official" written quota. That's illegal. However, it's tough to go on shift for 8 hours and not witness at least 2-3 people speeding.

So...you have officers that will run around like crazy people (We call them "Hammers") and write tickets all day, and others who realize that they get the same pay, for sitting in their car, and doing the minimum.

Some cops LIKE writing tickets.

So.....a department may say that YOUR JOB is to write traffic tickets, and expect to see XYZ tickets a month, but it's not mandated. Unless you have a bunch of other arrests and citations to explain why there's few traffic citations handed in, you have to have SOMETHING to justify 8 hours a day in uniform.

It's not something in writing but you DO have a job to do and you're expected to do it.

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