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My oil system

My filter was so hard to get to I rerouted my filters to the left side with my ing coils. I ran 2 filters in parallel that's oil runs in and out both at the same time. Harleys run thick oil. everybody wants the max filtration they can get. but most don't know that filters have a by-pass built in so the oil doesn't get filtered if the filter can't handle the flow. So most Harleys are not filtering as much as you think, they're mostly by-passing. I've seen videos where they cut open filters and show the difference some have a paper on top they don't know whay it is That is a pre filter.

Next I do not recomend this unless you know what you're doing.
When I change my oil I have no drain plug in my crank case so there is always old oil left in the engine. The thing about harley oil systems is instead of oil to filter then engine it's oil to the engine then filter. So I put a couple QTs of clean oil in the tank. Crank it WITHOUT the filters and run the old oil out until I see clean oil draining into the pan, but NEVER run it dry. Since I started doing this my oil has been so much cleaner and last longer than ever before
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