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2018 Forum Meet and Greet aka The Collision June 9, 2018 at The General Nelson Inn


Get your t-shirts ordered folks, order form closes May 23. I've put hoodies available this year, I've had enough people ask about it, so there you go.

The design may change a tad, there may be some copyright infringement but it will be close to that as possible..

We are shaking things up a bit for next year. If you read the other thread, than you are aware, but if not.....

That's right folks, we're moving it east!!!!! We are heading to Bardstown KY, and will be staying at The General Nelson Inn.

June 9th, 2018 is our annual Forum meet and Greet aka The Collision. This will be our 6th year, and we're hoping the move east will bring back some old friends from C1, and make it easier for the people on the east coast, (seeing's how with the exception of Boblo Escobar, nobody else from the west coast has the desire or moxie to show up) to actually make the journey.

We are cancelling the group ride as discussed in the other thread, and this year our own Bbally will lead a team of volunteers and feed us. Anyone interested in lending a hand, please PM me. He'd like to get 3 volunteers, to help out. (Folks...this is gonna be standing around a grill drinking and cooking food.)

This event has grown into a family reunion of sorts, we get the same 50 people every year, and then we toss in some new folks, while some alumni can't make it, but comes back the next year. I believe this year we will see the return of a quite a few alumni, with their personal matters handled and ready to party.

Following that mindset, we are taking it in the "family reunion" sort of direction, no more band that most didn't listen to anyway, and we are sending the caterer packing, and we are going to cook for ourselves. The menu will be your basic grill food for this year, until we get a handle on how this goes, and adjust for the next one. We are planning on burgers, hot dogs, some Italian sausage with peppers and onions, and we'll hit up the local supermarket and get some potato and mac salad, and some other snacks style foods.

We are going to purchase a couple of Weber charcoal grills, and do it properly. I'm pretty sure Bbally will be flying in his clams (insert joke here) again as well. The hope is to be able to leave the grills for next year, and if not, it's a collateral damage. We have also secured the banquet hall at the hotel, that is AIR CONDITIONED with tables and chairs, so we will have a very comfortable place to eat. Grills and the banquet hall will cost approximately $400, a little bit more than the band cost from years past.

We have the banquet hall from 1-6 pm, and my hope is that we can grill and drink all day, with the main food being ready at around 3pm. I'm moving the eating time back, so that people that want to take off in the morning to ride, sight see, take in a distillery/winery tour can do so, and have plenty of time to make it back.

As usual we will have our "awards" at dusk in the parking lot.

The cost....$30 per person that is eating. This will cover the food, banquet hall rental and the grill cost. $20 goes towards the meal, and we are still taking $10 from every cover charge and donating that to a person in need from the local community where we are meeting up. It will be a veteran in town, Ill be contacting the local VFW or Legion and asking for a recommendation from them on their local hero's. If there is money left over from the food cost, that money will also go to the charity.

Last year, we raised $1504, and that money really made a impact on Ryan Cloonan, who was able to pay some bills that were hanging over his head, and to get his car fixed. Truly a gift that couldn't have come at a better time. I applaud all of you that donated last year, I was very proud to present that check to Dave on your behalf.

Send payments via PayPal: copy and paste [email protected] into PayPal.


While I know most of you by name, it's nice to have the reference. Thanks

Make reservations at:

The General Nelson Inn

411 W. Stephen Foster Ave

Bardstown KY

1-800-225-3977 or 1-502-348-3977

MUST mention Collision for the discounted rate and the ability to book, I have the whole hotel blocked for reservations.

Once this hotel is booked, there is overflow hotel directly across the street.

There is a breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet restaurant within a 2 minute walk from the hotel, with plenty of BACON. Mammie's restaurant, a short walk downtown, has good food and live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a lot of historical and touristy stuff do in this area, and the riding isn't half bad either, once you get off the main drags. Some VERY narrow roads, so be careful folks. Liquor store within walking distance that is open till 11, as well as a convenience store within a 4 minute walk as well for those late night munchies that may be required.

I'd like to thank Louisville Joe for doing a great job scouting, he read my mind before I mentioned Bardstown as that was a place I was going to head, and headed down there and scoped it out. He saved me a ton of time, and made it so much easier to be able to make this happen this year.

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