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Bluetooth earbuds?

My wife and I are taking a road trip as part of my buddy's last wishes that I spread his ashes in a couple of his favorite spots. It'll mean a lot of miles on the road to hit the places he wanted to be remembered at. I was thinking of getting some bluetooth headphones for the journey as I don't have a stereo. I've found a couple of options and was curious if anyone has experience with either or both? Or might recommend something?

Soundbud slim are fairly cheap and reviews are positive, although I've not seen anyone mentioning using them on a bike. Less than $30

Slimbuds are $140, but are made primarily for motorcycle use and advertise noise cancelation, as well as a separate mic for picking up traffic noise you need to hear, and a means of communicating with others. Obviously these are a better product, but that's still $280 for the two of us and I hate to drop it without hearing from someone that's experienced it.

Anyhow, any observations and experiences with these or similar products would be appreciated.
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