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Originally Posted by tlg1100 View Post
This mourning I knew i was gonna be out in the cold or in a cold shed for most of the day working.

Knowing the cold day ahead I decide to grab this gift I received five-six years ago and never used.

A Stanley Classic Thermos, Big freakin deal right!

I follow direction that came with thermos and put in some hot chocolate, Usually after one large coffee I'm done with it, so I figure I can sip on hot chocolate all day even though I don't really get into hot chocolate.

The thermos is kinda wrapped up around a some old jacket and in the bed of a pick-up while I'm working, the temp started out around 20 degrees and was 27 around noon.

At noon I open the thermos and that hot coco was as hot as it was this morning, almost to hot to drink..LOL

I didn't get another drink of it until 3:45 P.M and the stuff was still very hot, same thing around 7:30.

Just poured out the last remaining bit of hot coco after taking a small drink..still hot..

I told this to a friend of mine who said a long time ago he had one with glass inside and he said they were better back then?

Not much.... but I really was impressed by this thermos.
you put cold stuff in and it stays cold you put hot stuff in and it stays hot. how does it know?
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