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I know someone that has a large yeti cooler and he keeps it in the back of his truck, surprised someone hasn't stole it from him?
Lot of people give him a hard time for having it, all he has in it... ever is beer and everyone says a cheap cooler will keep beer cold no longer than the beer is gonna last before its all drank up? But I think he either won it or it was a gift? hard telling what a big yeti cooler like that would cost?

I was doing some plumbing in my basement and there is lights down there, but I still had a drop light that I was moving around to get light right on the spot I was messing with, friend came over seen what I was doing went back out to his truck and gave me these headlights, a little flashlight, the thing with a strap that goes on your head, yeah ya know..LOL great thing to have, I had one years ago and it ate batteries? but this thing was smaller and the light was ten times better. Got a get one..LOL

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