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S100 has been mentioned and I use S100 myself. Sometimes. Once in a while when I do get the hose out I spray my motor area with S100 and quickly rinse, may even do it twice. Yes, it cleans very well. And some time ago I watched a S100 video and the guy sprayed down his WHOLE BIKE, including his seat, with S100. But make no mistake about it S100 WILL strip your wax off. If you don't wax your bike that's no big deal. And I like my bike not only clean but also shiny. A good coat of quality wax gives me a nice glossy sheen, makes the color really pop in the sunlight and I can see my reflection when I get close to the tank. But a good coat of wax takes time and the Lucas spray mist is SOOOO much faster to apply and gives me a glossier finish than any wax I've ever used. I may never use regular wax again....
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