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Another Close Call and idot police dispatcher

Just had a bad memory resurface as I rolled down the road to AM coffee and BS session. Was on my way to the local coffee shop when I happened to catch sight of a black dog that otherwise resembled a full grown German Shepard inside a yard just off the road. Problem was, said pooch was NOT on a leash and the driveway gate was wide open. Dog saw Harley and took off straight for the road as I passed the gate. Fortunately I saw the dog, dropped a gear, and twisted the wick leaving dog in exhaust fumes. On the return home, I stopped at the local County Sheriff's office depot and reported the situation to the dispatcher who did her damndest to ignore the problem, I advised her that I had been taken down back in '04 (New Year's Eve) by a pit Bull while on a Fat Boy. The 50mph slide on the asphalt road was not fun and I still have the scars as a memorial....still got ignored. Nothing to be done about it until I said no problem, I have a .45 pistol that will end the problem if it reoccurs. Still trying to figure out why I would be the one in trouble for defending myself against an untethered, unrestrained dog, but the owner gets a pass if my $40K motorcycle gets trashed and is excused from whatever it costs to pay the hospital ER staff because THAT is MY PROBLEM

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