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Originally Posted by SpsterPatridge View Post
Beware Bikers!!! Here is a new item to be aware of when riding your bike which I have now added to my "be diligent watch out list".

Wednesday, 7/24/2019 my HD sportster threw me off in a split second. Making a left hand turn on to a highway ramp going approx 15-20 mph, I felt the bike start to slide a little and I did one or more of the following (it happened so fast I do not recall exactly what I did) but I was down on the pavement on my back and scrambled to reach for kill switch while bike was doing a 360 on its side. I managed to get up, upright the bike, and push it to side of road. As I pushed the bike, I noticed I was slipping and sliding on my feet. I looked down on the pavement and saw about 75 feet x about 18 inches wide trail of something very slick and somewhat black in color (either oil or hydraulic fluid) starting from the left lane where I started my turn on to the ramp, continuing on to the ramp for another 50 ft or so. I had steered my bike almost exactly on this path of slick fluid and as I was leaning left to steer the bike, the tires must have been covered with this fluid and down she went along with me! Since my eyes were watching out for cars coming from the other direction merging on the same ramp as I was, and this slick path blended in the pavement it did not stand out as something I should be careful of before it was too late.

I incurred a small road rash burn to my left elbow. My new crashbar saved me from being crushed / burned by the hot engine as well as preventing any significant damage to the bike with the exception of the left rear signal light which I can fix easily. And of course, I was wearing my helmet which prevented any damage to the back of my head.

Just thought I should pass this along and hope you add it to your "watch out list" along with the other such things we all have to be aware of riding on two wheels.

Sorry for the long winded prose!
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