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Finally Getting Ready to Upgrade my 80" Evo

First, I gotta talk to this indy guy I trust and find out what's wrong with my bike as it is, and then I gotta ask him if I just bring everything to him, if he will assemble it all for me and retune it. I already have several new Dynojet jets for CV carb and the SE air cleaner (updated 1993-1999 version) and V&H 2-1 Pro Pipe.

So, I plan to go with Hillside for their Evo Stage II headwork + compression release ports drilled, and jugs and stuff (pistons, I think last year talked about also them setting piston rings and matching to the jugs or something). I gotta call them about which cam to go with. I already know I'm going 10:1 piston heads, but unsure between Woods 6H, Woods 8 or Woods 9 cam (I have read a few times that the 6H requires shaving the case a little for fitment, dunno if that's true). Probably a Dyna 2000i ignition system (ignition + coil). But that's only after my indy finds out what's currently wrong with it and if he will reassemble it for me once I get in the upgrades.

After those decisions made, I gotta call Baker and see what they think for a 6 speed transmission (direct vs over drive, ratio for first gear).

The whole thing for me is acceleration, and that's the quick and dirty of it. Yeah, I know I need to up the starter, already got a Baker high-torque IPB and upgraded clutch (kevlar extra plate + 25% stronger heavy duty spring in stock clutch basket). Plus, it's my everything bike (99% daily backroad and around town riding, only light touring).

And yeah, I know I could throw the amount of money I will be spending on it for this toward an used, up-graded TC, but I don't want a TC. Nothing against TC's, but they don't get me rock hard like Evos, and this bike is one I will never get rid of, I will be buried with it.

Anyway, there's a few things I still need to figure out. First... and sorry, my knowledge in regards to engine/engine work is a little on the low side, I only know enough to get into trouble, but:
• What pushrods for such a setup, are the Andrews Chromoly still the way to go?
• Whats the best set of lifters for this?
• Upgrading the rockers... with what?
• Machining required to fit any of those cams and what's the difference between them as far as feel and real power when at 10:1 compression (W6H vs W8 vs W9)?
• Is there anything else I am forgetting?

It's gonna be a screamer, when I want it to be (in a safe environment, obviously).

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