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Originally Posted by Briano View Post

Tired of seeing all the hate of sporties online and ignorance of the most bulletproof Harley makes. I haven't written here in a looooong time and wanted to here from any of you riders. Especially from those Sportster riders who have compared all the styles and chose the "girl bike".
Your riding a Harley? Why would anyone buy one? Tired of all the hate?
Get over it!
If we were to listen to all the Harley haters everyone would be on a Wing or a Crotch Rocket. Whatever a person chooses to ride is entirely up to the one one the saddle. I have friends who I ride with, their rides: a 250 Ninja, another rides a Sporty, a group I ride with are 90% Wings, and Winged Trikes. One other rides an Ultra. My son rides a Honda 1800. I have owned Sportys and a FX now a Ultra. Its no ones business what I ride or why. Seriously, grow some hide or go kawasaki, who gives a eFF!

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