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Originally Posted by jpassh2o View Post
Clutch adjustment is needed. IMO
Originally Posted by jpassh2o View Post
This happened to me last year.... only in 5th... out of sync with ECM is what I was told, adjusting clutch cured it.
Originally Posted by zgrsk269 View Post
I spoke with a few old head mechanics. They told me my clutch cable adjustment was causing this issue more than likely. They told me to loosen it up a few turns and see if it fixes the issue if it doesnt theyll have to pull the cover and check. I didnt believe them, figured it was clutch spring, or adjustment behind the derby cover so I took their advice and loosened it a little. Issue seemed to have stopped. I ran it for an hour on a backroad for over an hour back and forth and couldnt get it to mimic the issue. For S&Gs I tighten my clutch as tight as it could go, and it did the slipping in every year as soon as I would hit the gas. They said start as tight as it can be and then slowly work youre way to loose. I trusted the old guys and they were right.

Glad you listened to someone and got it resolved.

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