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Originally Posted by Alan S View Post
That's what I would do if you still consider the DD6. It's still 1:1 final drive, just like the 5 spd.

It's just math, Kyle. Using a calculator helps.

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Yeah but that's where the confusion comes in with the first gear.

The site has the option on a DD6 for a 2.94 that they recommend for the softail, but with a 28 tooth compensator, that makes it potentially as aggressive as the racing 2.8-whatever option of the OD6. The standard option on a DD6 is 3.77 or something that becomes an effective 3.24, but with the DD6, there's no getting an effective 2.94 first gear as far as I can tell.

With a DD6, the only way to get the overdrive is by changing the primary gearing, and that's fine, I don't mind going that route.

But I don't want to end up with a first gear that's too tall or too short with the overdriven primary. It's just odd that the option that's recommended for a softail on the site for both the OD6 and DD6 is 2.94 (and 3.24 recommended for touring models); but is that 2.94 recommendation on the DD6 just assuming you'll run a stock compensator? And their details chart doesn't explain the effective ratios for changing the first gear.

I'm just going to have to call them for clarification.

In the details, it says:
"The DD6 comes in a stardard 3.24 or optional 2.94 1st gear."

Then, right below that, a chart for the standard (no compensator change) at 3.77 and effective ratios (compensator change), with the effective first gear being 3.24. So I don't know if that means ordering it with the 2.94 first gear means the gear is actually higher so that it becomes an effective 2.94, or if it's actually a 2.94 that becomes effectively even less.

I mean, considering the nature of the transmission, I'm sure they mean an EFFECTIVE 2.94, right?

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