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Originally Posted by sardonicus87 View Post
Well, one more thing of why I want to change the transmission...

Without these coming upgrades, the first gear ratio isn't that great. It kind of runs out too fast. Like, I could take off in second gear with almost no lug, though I couldn't take off very fast obviously, but if the ratio was a little closer to second gear, that would have been great even before these upgrades. Almost like the stock first gear is great when my wife was on the back, but riding solo, was a little annoying.

But again, all this gearing crap is confusing and there's no real "explain it like I'm stupid" anywhere. Like nobody can just say "if you got a light bike with a stage 3 Evo and you don't want to alter every ratio from primary to tranny to final drive, go with this option".

It basically boils down to: stick with the stock 5 speed, go with the OD6 and no other drive ratio mods, or go with the DD6 and only change the comp sprocket and no other ratios. But so many that swapped had a 24/37 primary rather than 25/36, so I can't even tell. Then others say 6th is a lug on this or that and keep talking about this and that CI when what really matters is the torque and HP for the weight, regardless of the size of the motor (size changes the torque and HP). Then others say a modded Evo pulls the 6th fine at 75 mph while others say it doesn't unless you do 90 mph.

Like, I just want the stock final drive 32/65, want the same basic feel that I have with the stock 5 speed, and a 6th just for highway cruising at 75+ mph. I'm already going to be getting plenty of a boost from the engine mods, I'm not out to street race.

There's so much contradictory info on the gearing between primary and transmission and then going into final drive ratios.

I might just stay with my stock 5 speed.
hey kyle, have you given any thought to increasing the chain front sprocket one tooth. the stage three should more than handle the increase through the gears and give you more cruise at lower rpm. very inexpensive to try also.
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