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Well, I took a piece of emory cloth and tried deburrring the lips of where the retaining ring goes and then heated up the piston head with a heat gun and still couldn't get the pins out. So I ordered a drag specialties pin puller for just under $50 with shipping.

I know I could have just jury rigged one with a long enough bolt, a few nuts and washers and a socket for much cheaper, but I didn't feel like going to the hardware store for a bolt... it's on the other side of town and traffic lately is a f-n nightmare. Dunno why but all this week, been really bad. Not even from the teenagers out for summer, just a bunch of FOGs that should have quit driving 10 years ago and a bunch of middle-aged people that have no excuse for going 20 mph in a 40 mph zone in both lanes. Didn't feel like dealing with it, I almost rage-rammed someone yesterday I was so fed up with it.

I am going out of town tomorrow and won't be back until Monday, so it's not like I can try much else for the time being anyway.

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hey kyle, have you given any thought to increasing the chain front sprocket one tooth. the stage three should more than handle the increase through the gears and give you more cruise at lower rpm. very inexpensive to try also.
Yeah, but I just decided to go with the Baker DD6, already ordered. It comes with a 28 tooth comp to overdrive the primary, effectively reducing the taller gears of the transmission. Or are they shorter the higher the number goes? Either way, that's all good to go.

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