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Originally Posted by PukinDogs View Post
Thanks for the add.. Moving from a 2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 to I hope a 2007-2009 Road King. The desire to change is all emotional, I mean the FJR is a perfect motorcycle, but it does not talk to my soul. The angel on my shoulder is saying, the FJR is perfect, great brakes, ABS works, will run to 100k with no problems. The devil is saying buy the v twin rumble, ABS is hit or miss so what? Might be a maintenance hog, so what?

Will see what happens and who wins.....
Originally Posted by Kainam View Post

You mean like changing oil every 3 - 5k miles?
Originally Posted by PukinDogs View Post
Well like Cam Chain Tensioner issues, granted if I stick to 2007 or newer will not be an issue, but might end up with something older. Problems with the ABS systems and the fact you have to take it to Harley to flush it due to HD computer, which I am ok with.

Judging from your question, you have had great service out of yours and I hope for the same. Hard to keep in mind that most people are posting about problems to blow off steam or find solutions, not often people post [B][/B]" Hey had no problems this past year".

Regardless look forward to getting one.
If you have not seen anyone post "HEY, HAD NO PROBLEMS THIS PAST YEAR", then I will be the first!

I have been on this forum asking for help with my friends Sporty that we brought back to life after being in storage for 10+ years! I have been here asking for information on the things that i am unfamiliar with. Such as the Boombox (which i honestly dislike). (But, my bike came with it so..) I learned how to use it.

Maintenance hog: Well, OK, I Installed a new battery and did a 3 hole oil change. Oh, and adjusted the handlebars..

This bike has given me NO PROBLEMS

I question, Why would you start with slamming H.D. while shopping for one?

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