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Originally Posted by Thunder~Struck View Post

Dogs chasing anything does not always mean they want to eat it.
Our Rotti Abe chases stray cats in the backyard all the time.
On the rare occasions he has caught one all he has done is pin it down with his nose. Sort of like "Tag. Your it."
While, yes, the consequences to Daryl could be ugly.
Many times a dog chasing something is for the thrill of the chase only.
Dogs get bored just like humans.

Just say`in.....
Agree with you Fred. Bored and full of attitude. Marie's little Pomeranian thinks he is German Shep attack dog. He will charge up to a stranger then stop short start tail waging and wanting attention. Used to try to chase cars nosier the better the garbage truck!!. Got him broke of that. He still gives them that look your mine buddy if I get off this leash. .

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Apparently, a few phone calls to the right people is all that is needed. With the dispatcher seeming to be disinterested in what I was telling her, her boss, on the other hand, got things moving, and this AM, Rover was tied to a big oak tree and not having access to the road anymore. And apparently my offer to pop a few .45 cal rounds at said pooch didn't sit well with the popo and was advised to keep that sort of talk to myself around the dispatcher...she apparently is on the dog's side.

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A few years ago I was bitten by a pit bull while waking across my own front yard. He ripped the seat out of my pants and bit me on the leg, leaving a few puncture wounds. Fortunately, I managed to get in the house and call the sheriff's department. In the spirit of being a good neighbor, I didn't press charges against the owner, who lived across the street and down a couple of houses. Animal Control had a talk with the owner and the matter was considered settled. Two months later, I was walking my elderly dog nearly half a mile away and the same pit bull attacked my dog. A neighbor distracted the pit bull and allowed us to get into his house. Once again I called the sheriff's department. The deputy explained that since my dog wasn't seriously injured, all he could cite the owner for was allowing his dog to run at large. So I asked the deputy what I should do long term. He asked if I held a concealed weapons permit, which I did. Since I lived in the county, and not in any city limits, he recommended I arm myself. He said that after two documented attacks, if I shot the dog, no one in law enforcement would give me slightest grief. From then on, I carried my 9mm while on walks, though I never again was troubled by the dog. The county finally declared the dog a nuisance and the neighbor moved to avoid the unaffordable homeowners insurance. Good riddance.


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And you need a license to fish!

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Originally Posted by kd5cqt View Post
Just had a bad memory resurface as I rolled down the road to AM coffee and BS session. Was on my way to the local coffee shop when I happened to catch sight of a black dog that otherwise resembled a full grown German Shepard inside a yard just off the road. Problem was, said pooch was NOT on a leash and the driveway gate was wide open. Dog saw Harley and took off straight for the road as I passed the gate. Fortunately I saw the dog, dropped a gear, and twisted the wick leaving dog in exhaust fumes. On the return home, I stopped at the local County Sheriff's office depot and reported the situation to the dispatcher who did her damndest to ignore the problem, I advised her that I had been taken down back in '04 (New Year's Eve) by a pit Bull while on a Fat Boy. The 50mph slide on the asphalt road was not fun and I still have the scars as a memorial....still got ignored. Nothing to be done about it until I said no problem, I have a .45 pistol that will end the problem if it reoccurs. Still trying to figure out why I would be the one in trouble for defending myself against an untethered, unrestrained dog, but the owner gets a pass if my $40K motorcycle gets trashed and is excused from whatever it costs to pay the hospital ER staff because THAT is MY PROBLEM

Just wondering, back then, did the Pit Bull attack you after you crashed. That had to have been some scary stuff. I can understand your anger. I got chased by two dobermans when I was on a Yamaha Enduro 100 way back in the day. I got away because like you I saw them coming and got to a new grid square quick.

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ZO, the episode with the Pit Bull happened on New Years Eve, 2004. Was on my way home after visiting with my brother, Butch. Was doing approx. 50mph on an asphalted road when this mutt came out with a full head of steamy dog $#!t from behind a shrub and before my mind could register what was happening, he hit me between the front wheel and engine. Bike went out from under me, and I tried to ride it out until it high ended at which time I kicked off of it and slid at roughly 50mph for what seemed like forever as I watched the bike do a few airborne flips and crashes ahead of me. I managed to dig my heels in and with my arms folded close to my chest, I thought I had it made sliding in a sitting position and making a mess of my former wallet which managed to save me a lot of damage to the butt until all of a sudden I did an unexpected sommersault....thank goodness for helmets. Also had on a lightweight jacket, but ended up with both forearms with severe road rash, a lac on the right elbow that took 4 stitches, a sprained right ankle, and various other scrapes and bruises. Rover didn't fare so well and was DOA. Talked to the Sheriff's Deputy who arrived on scene and he said he had been out earlier to the very house from which Rover attacked on a report that the dog had been "terrorizing the area". Collar had no ID for Rover who, being dead, saved me the trouble of stomping him into dog atoms.
Took a few weeks to heal, bike got totaled, and don't know what happened to Rover's carcass. On the trip home from the hospital ER, Butch stopped and got me a fifth of Single Malt which helped me to survive the evening.

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Problem I was having with nasty neighbors dog is she was attacking the front wheel, and I ran over her snout once. Thankfully that time I was on a light bike, think it was a friends 650 I was taking to the house to work on, but wouldn't swear to exactly what the bike was. It's amazing the dog wasn't seriously hurt, or discouraged from the chasing, but I had to end that before one of us got hurt. As an animal lover I'd rather spray the owner with bear spray, but as I mentioned I'd end up in jail, so the dog had to suffer the spray, but at least there was no permanent injury and she learned.

Have a few scars from dogs, but I told you guys before, if you wanna hit something, hit a deer. Nothing Runs (out in front of you) Like A Deer(e).
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