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FXDX Super Glide Sport
After putting 40k on the Buell, and since that bike was Orphaned when Buell when HD killed it, it was time to go back and get serious about a Super Glide, been wanting one since I was 16. Thought I was just gonna get a stock Vanilla Supe-Glide, but the when the Sport came out, I was in love. Picked this up on Craig's List last year, form an older guy, it was silver and an had all the dorky accoutrements that made it not look right, the front brake lines were a rat's nest. But all of this made for a better purchasing price, and it only had 15k on the clock. I took the bike to a friends place whose garage was specialized for sorting such things out. After about a month and $$$ of new parts and paint, I was able to get the bike the way I wanted, a 70's look, with modern grunt and handling. AND, a place to carry stuff.
2000 Harley Davidson FXDX Super Glide Sport (Blue)


The 88 motor was tight, Love the forged Crank and Timken main bearing,but I 86'd those horseshit chain tensioners in the Cam chest, this was a 2000 motor, so having the old spring-loaded units in essence made the engine a time bomb. Replaced them with S&S 510 gear driven cams (highly recommend) S&S Billet Cam plate, and S&S Billet high Volume oil pump. I dumped the Keihin CV and put a Mikuni 42 Flatside on it. The bike had Samson chrome ripsaw pipes on it when I bought, but they were too loud to the point of obnoxious., and had no back pressure, so I reinstalled the stock head pipes and put some nice Vance and Hines Slip-ons on it. Now it speaks with authority and I saved my exhaust valves. She dynos at 86 hp at the rear wheel. Not bad for an old girl.
Painted the bike (Kia) Corsa Blue, applied 1979 FXEF Tank logos, (1920 Board Track Racer decals really),put some HD saddle bags on it, no fancy cloisters or buckles, just plain black.
Black powder coated the sissy bar brackets and components, highway pegs, and any other chrome bits that looked dumb on a blacked out bike. Blacked out the fork lowers too.
The suspension was very good, all adjustable and all. The brake discs were that stamped stock shit, so while I was powder coating the fork lowers I installed a pair of HD black floating rotors and that tightened up the front end quite nicely and tied in the forks with the black theme of the rest of the bike.
The front brake plumbing was a Rube Goldberg special, so I scrapped it and put a nice clean Goodrich black stainless unit to feed the front discs
Avon Grips and hi-way pegs, Bikers Choice blacked out levers, HD bags, and HD Sundowner (?) seat and padded sissy bar (That came with the bike)



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