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Harley Davidson
Softail custom FXSTC
Vivid black
1993 softail owner manual !!!!
I got my HD softail custom 1993 right after my first tour in Bosnia it was my welcome back gift from me to me that I bought with my dangerzone allowance... I got it in Peterborough, Ontario from a construction guy that had just got an operation in both his forearms, he would never drive motorcycle again. He was selling it for 18,000 $ I got it for 16,000 $, I dealt everything from Bosnia on a freaking coms invention from our signalmen. So on the 26th of May 1993 I went to pick it up with a good buddy of mine from my Recon platoon we did the trip back in one day,Québec/Ontario. Iwas the most happy camper on the planet that day!!!

Since that day I've been bringing modification until now and as far as I'm concerned it will never stop !!!
1993 Harley Davidson Softail custom FXSTC (Vivid black)


For exhaust I remove the original ones from HD and installed the 50/50 slash cuts the noise is just perfect to my ears... I also installed an Arlen Ness chrome belt sproket. Changed the cover for the carb. I installed a Kuryakyn Hyper Charger.. Great look and performance !
I removed the tombstone windshield that was on it... It was the ugliest thing ever... And not to mention this fringes that came with it... I ain't a fringes guy, hated it !!!
I made my own lower kit based on the one they sell at dealers with a slight modification it was a three days project I had some welding to do ( well a friend of mine did, i can't weld )...
Wheel and Tire
None of that stuff, I ride with a map in my pocket. it makes me stop to some places, so I can enjoy the scenery... Except when I drive solo I carry in my pocket my IPOD with my earbuds under my beannie !!!!



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