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Harley Davidson
FXSTC or softail custom
vivd black
Originally my Father's motorcycle. When he was unable to ride due to cancer, he gave it to me. He died 8/09; since 5/10 when I found the rear cylinder leaking oil, I have been rebuilding it to make it better. All in His memory. Making it better but, not doing anything he would disapprove. Well, mostly. He wouldn't like the skulls that have been added but that's about it.
I have even gone as far as putting some of HIS remains in a Guardian bell, so he can ride with me. Until I pass. And hopefully,my girls will continue the tradition.
I was riding at 9 months of age, and so were both of my girls. I love the. Wind in my face, and so do they.
Keeping it Real.
1987 Harley Davidson FXSTC or softail custom (vivd black)


American Wire 80 spoke- twisted spoke front wheel 21 by 2.15", stock 16" rear.
Revolution Performance (in Baxter, IA) Rebuilt my engine; used rebuilt crank 4 5/8" stroke, new 97" stroker pistions, Revolution Performance modified my heads to their specs. Stuck an Andrews cam in it, already and a Thunderheader exhaust, stage 2 filter, w a Mikuni Carb. Adjustable pushrods, all the mods? If I remember anything else, I'll add it later. ;)
Stock 5 speed trans, wanting to convert it to a 6 speed. Don't know how. Nothing supposedly "fits".
Smaller aftermarket windshield. Will be adding a custom made front fender (BY ME) and will be adding a seven gallon fuel tank in the next few months. Building it also.
New front springs, new rears springs, saving up for Legend Suspension Air Ride
Mustang seat, sissy bar, post 96 hand grips, under seat saddle bags, wide levers, auxiliary lights mounted to the forks. Also have added a fork brace. Haven't travelled frat enough to see how much it helps. Ha ha.
Wheel and Tire
Added an air horn- Stobol. Made in Italy.
Have done everything possible to keep it made in U.S.A. or from Japan. Where most of the stock stuff came from.



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