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General Information

M2 Cylclone
Blue Streak
115hp Thunderstorm Engine, Fast and Rude
This is a first year (1997) production piece, back when Erik Buell's marque was still building bikes by hand, and before HD bought him out in late 98. So this bike has the wasp-waisted body and S1 Lightning tank, unlike the chunky, plastic '99 models that HD cranked out on the cheap.

Originally wanted a Super Glide (that came later) a buddy and me discovered a Silver Lightning S1 in a Harley Shop in 96, he ended up buying a black one, I liked the M2 in Blue, Bought this at Southside HD in Va. Beach. Slowly Transforming it from the stock 83hp donk, to the beast you see here. Was my regular rider for 16 years, still roars, and fun to ride, now in semi-retirement because the bike is orphaned. The Super Glide Sp0rt has taken over those duties. But the Buell still gets out for a good ripping every now and then and like always, Never disappoints.
1997 Buell M2 Cylclone (Blue Streak)


3 spoke Marchesnis with Metzler Sport Touring Rubber
This bike came with lightened flywheels from the factory, so it revs faster than a stock sporty motor, I added Wiseco Forged Flat top Pistons, Thunderstorm Heads, Andrews N4 Cams, Mikuni 42 Flatside, high volume oil pump, Spurgen Oil Cooler, JIMS Big Axle Roller Tappets, 2 1/2" stainless race header with SuperTrapp I.D.S Muffler (10 discs with open end cap), K&N Filter in Dragtron II air cleaner.

Dyno sheet says 115hp at 100 ft/lbs. of torque, the kicker? the whole package only weighs 435 pounds! Yeah, its fun to ride....
English Carbon Fiber rear fender,
Stock 43mm Showas, with adjustable preload and damping.
Corbin Seat, soft ribber grips, Emgo mirrors. Adjure Blue Tri-bar headlight
Wheel and Tire
Anything labeled "for closed course competition only", I put on the bike....



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