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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    I have a 1994 sportster 883 hugger 125k on it, that was abandoned. looks mostly stock other than what appears to be straight pipes. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb. took tank off cleaned and reinstalled with fresh gas, clean petcock. New belt. It currently doesn't have a battery(can't afford one...
  2. Electrical
    Was out riding my 2007 Sportster 883 today. Before I arrived home, I noticed the red key light was on, on the Speedo. I pulled into the garage and shut off the bike. It wouldn’t start back up. You can hear the fuel pump prime, but nothing happens when you press start Checked for codes. Got...
  3. Sportster General Discussions
    I got a 2000 883 Hugger and it just started doing this and its getting worse very fast so i could really use some help. First off when its in neutral the N light isnt coming on everytime. And i know the light itself is good cuz it does come on sometimes. And some times shifting from 1st to 2nd...
  4. Sportster General Discussions
    I got a 2000 883 hugger and i broke the VOES switch, im trying to get a new one and now im finding ones that say 6in and 5in or 4in. Im not sure what one i need, or even what the big difference is. I know it has to to with the timing but thats about it. any help would be great, thank you.
  5. Oil and Filters
    Hi all, this is my first post. I recently got my first bike, an 06 Harley Sportster 883 custom. They guy I traded it from had all sorts of upgrades on it and because I am unfamiliar with most things mechanical, I need some help Identifying the after market air cleaner on the bike so I can buy...
  6. Fuel Systems
    Hi ya'll. I've found the advice on these forums to be very helpful, however I've scrubbed through several threads related to my issue and the plethora of advice has not successfully resolved the problem. Hoping to find some answers... A little history for context... I purchased a 2002...
  7. 883

    Me on XL883L
1-10 of 11 Results