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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    Hello folks, I’ve got a 2020 Iron 1200 that I picked up in January. I noticed the rear master cylinder is low on brake fluid, I can barely see any through the window. The cap says DOT 4 so I assume that’s what I should run in it. I’ve been reading a lot about Harley’s now using DOT 5 so what...
  2. General Service and Repair
    I just bought my first Harley,it's a 98 Fatboy and the previous owner put a 23 inch front tire on it then went to jail. My question is can I use the old brake caliper or do I need a new one?
  3. Electrical
    I have a 2001 Harley Davidson road King the rear brake pedal does not work but when you squeeze the front brake lever nothing happens as soon as I release it the rear lights flash three times what do I do what could it be
  4. General Service and Repair
    First post here and hope I’m in the right place. So looking for any information from anyone who has removed the abs completely form a newer touring bike or specifically a FXDLS. I’m going to be installing a brembo RCS19 master cylinder along with take off brembo calipers from a GSX-R. As these...
  5. EBC Brakes
    So, here at EBC Brakes We like to offer a free set of pads each month to a randomly selected forum member. In past giveaways We have discussed our first cars, garage and storage spaces, famous people we have met or would like to have met and weird and wonderful vehicles amongst other topics...
  6. EBC Brakes
    EBC Brakes are pleased to be joining your community, and we look forward to discussing all things brakes with you! Why not share any photos with us of your bikes or EBC brake setups and tell us about your experiences of our products. We are here to assist with any problems you encounter or...
  7. General Service and Repair
    Hello everyone, sorry in advance if I forget something in this post due to me being new to the forum. I have a 2012 street glide NON ABS with roughly 18k on it. Ive had it about 4 months and have ridden plenty with no issues. Yesterday I was riding out to the lake and the weirdest thing...
  8. General Motorcycle Related
    I never had any brake issues before. I recently decided to have the tires replaced and after, my brakes are stiff as all can be. I can’t even begin to pull them back a inch and now they are hanging up a bit. When it’s cold it’s hard as hell for me to walk bike out of garage and when it’s warm...
1-8 of 8 Results