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  1. Electrical
    I have 2018 Breakout Special. Yesterday I had an event where nothing would power up and was stranded. Let me explain all the events of the trip. 1. I overfilled the gas tank (ugh). Fuel everywhere. I immediately took it to the car wash and cleaned off all the fuel. The tank was full to the rim...
  2. Softail General Discussions
    Hello! I have 14” Carlini Gangster apes on my Breakout and am looking for a windshield that would look good. I need a windshield cuz my neck hurts at anything over 60 mph. Does anyone have any suggestions or photos of a Breakout with a windshield, with or without fairing, that is both...
  3. Recommended Products
    Hi Guys, I am looking at getting engine guards for a 2015 FXSB i am looking for a black set. Now my issue is that the Harley website only provides 1 chrome set, yet the photo of the part matches about 15 other models although different part numbers. (PN's - HD-49200-07A , HD-49004-00A - same...
  4. General Motorcycle Related
    My first Harley experience - my very first CRUISER experience - was about a year ago when I rented the cheapest bike I could find (Street 500) to go ride the Vegas desert. I saw the Valley of Fire and cruised along the top of Hoover Dam. It was an amazing ride, but the street 500 was not very...
  5. Hawaiian Volcano Breakout

    2014 Harley Breakout
  6. Hawaiian Volcano Breakout

    2014 Harley Breakout
  7. Hawaiian Volcano Breakout

    2014 Harley Breakout
  8. Hawaiian Volcano Breakout

    2014 Harley Breakout
1-10 of 10 Results