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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    Hi everyone, newbie Harley owner from little ol New Zealand here. Recently bought a 2001 sportster XL 1200, took it to Harley NZ for a full service but still having issues with back firing and intermittent loss of power. Have removed stock CV carb, cleaned and replaced the slider piston before...
  2. Fuel Systems
    Hey guys I was cleaning my carb on my 99 1200xl and had just stripped the carb completely and dumped in parts cleaner for 20 minutes. Taking it out I went to rinse it in water and as I’m rinsing the carb 1 washer fell out and I’m not sure where it came from. It’s not a tiny one. Here is a photo...
  3. Fuel Systems
    I'm rebuilding my Mikuni Hsr 42 car . Do I need to purchase and install a dynojet as well. 98 roadglide is all stock. Thanks everyone
1-3 of 3 Results