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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    Good morning! So first - I'm a rookie (and I mean rookie - new to being on a bike and never wrenched in my life but wanting to learn). I bought a 2006 HD Sportster 1200 XL Custom last fall. Beautiful bike! Noticed the vacuum was leaking behind the petcock. It was running fine at this point. I...
  2. General Service and Repair
    Hello everyone. I am trying to my 2002 883 sportster to run better. I have 45 pilot jet, 185 main, drag pipes. This was done before I bought it. I have no top end speed. Checked a bunch of other things. I was going to try and tune the carbs. Is there a way to do this from starting from...
  3. General Motorcycle Related
    I have a Twin Cam 96” and I am using a S&S Super E carb, teardrop air cleaner with Vance & Hines Bigshots. I put about 100 miles on it and it seems to be running good and has good throttle response. But, I do get a lot of popping on decel. I’m running a .031 intermediate jet and a .076 main jet...
  4. Sportster General Discussions
    I have a 1999 1200 custom that has been sitting awhile. I tried starting it and it will only stay running with the choke out. I cleaned the carb and rebuilt it and changed the choke while I was at it since it was broke. Still the same issue. I am just going to get new jets instead of...
  5. Fuel Systems
    Okay, I’m brand new here and this is my first post. I got my first Harley (dyna fxd 2001)about 3 weeks ago. I laid the bike down for the first time last night. I’m okay and the bike isn’t mangled. I snapped the throttle cable and managed to limp the bike home in first gear. But I came out to...
  6. Fuel Systems
    I'm rebuilding my Mikuni Hsr 42 car . Do I need to purchase and install a dynojet as well. 98 roadglide is all stock. Thanks everyone
1-6 of 6 Results