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  1. Automatic clutch installation

    General Motorcycle Related
    Is it possible for me to take a 2003 XLC Sportster & swap the stock clutch for an automatic clutch & suicide shifter? Or is it more work than simply swapping one for the other?
  2. 1985 XLH 1000 clutch adjustment won't hold

    General Motorcycle Related
    I am new to motorcycles, I recently got a 1985 XLH 1000 and just had to change the clutch plates so I was able to do that but wasn't able to get the adjustment to stay. I've took it to 2 different shops to try and get it adjusted but they weren't able to do it either and didn't take off the...
  3. Loose Clutch trouble

    General Service and Repair
    Allow me to start with, I am no mechanic! I have an 84 harley fxsb lowrider, and my clutch is completely loose (when i pull the handle in, it does not spring back out) I have completely followed the clutch from the handle, down the wire, in the transmission with the push rod, and through the...