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dyna street bob

  1. 06 dyna street bob wiring upgrade

    So I have on 06 dyna Street bob. New bike to me and new to riding. I have been going through and upgrading different things here and there ( it was basically a parts bike). But as I get up to the wiring For the headlight, turn signals, and hand controls. I have noticed that the wiring does not...
  2. Cranks but won't start after it's hot

    I recently purchased an 07' Street Bob with 12K miles on it for my son. Not long after the purchase, I began having starting issues with it. Example: Head out on a ride. Stop for a break. Won't restart (cranks but won't fire) until it sits for a while (cools down). First time this happened, I...
  3. Birds chirping on my 07 street bob

    Dyna General Discussions
    So I took my bike out yesterday, get out on the highway, open her up and she starts squealing/chirping like crazy. I mean loud. Get out of it and it stops. I ease my way back up to about 75 mph, no squealing. I hit it in the head and she squeals again. It only does it from about 30 mph and up...
  4. New member with a nagging problem

    New to the Community
    Hello everyone, I am a rider from Oklahoma who wants to get my street bob looking better with some non spoke wheels. I have an 07, 19x 2.15 with 1" hub front wheel. I can't seem to find any that aren't ridiculous in price. My question is, could I just go with some 3/4" hub wheels and be fine on...