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  1. Performance
    So I got my 07 FXBD, has a danmoto exhaust, and a screamin eagle filter. It back fires like a SOB on deceleration. So I figured it was never flashed. I was just about to pull the trigger on an FP3 when I decided lemme just make sure there’s not some kind of fuel management system there. And sure...
  2. Fuel Systems
    Having issues with my 06 Dyna Lowrider FXDL/I with twin cam 88. The bike has 23,000 miles on it, I’ve put 3,000 of those on there. Got a 3 hole service around 22k. Lately it’s been sputtering, backfiring, and acting like it’s trying to quit on me. This happens at idle when I first start it, take...
  3. Dyna General Discussions
    What’s up y’all! FINALLY paid my MY-07 off enough to trade in for a hog. 07 FXDB. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what fairing is on here? The wind screen is cracked and I don’t hate the fairing so I figure just get a new screen. Also, and recommendations on a brake pedal under $100?
  4. Trans/Primary
    Noise starts when the clutch is released. Happens pretty much in 1st and 2nd gear. It’s a 06 FXDBI. Was just recently serviced by someone. Almost sounds like the chain is slipping. Anyone have any ideas? Have the primary open and it looks clean. No noise in neutral or when clicked into first...
  5. Electrical
    Hi All. Has anyone on this forum had this problem, on the indicator lamps bezel I have the right turn arrow always on, but the indicators work ok, left and right front and rear. Any ideas
  6. Dyna General Discussions
    Hey all i got a 08 superglide with i belive is a 6 speed redhunter exhaust looking to switch to mid controls Cuz dammit i want em! was looking at getting tc bros mid controlkit since i cant sourcea stock setup Unless anyone knows where i can get it shipped this week to ca before i head back...
  7. Dyna General Discussions
    Just curious if any of you guys experience this in corners. My FXDL wobbles at high speeds in curves, not sure why. Any suggestions on what could be the problem & what i can do to solve it?
  8. Electrical
    Hi Everyone - I bought these bars and installed them on my dyna: https://www.denniskirk.com/la-choppers/14-chrome-1-piece-kage-fighter-1-1-4-t-bar-w-straight-risers-la-7337-14.p5903840.prd/5903840.sku I had some trouble fitting the turn signal wires through the bars with the rest of the...
  9. New to the Community
    Hello all, I am planning to buy a used Harley Davidson dyna Fatbob-2011 with 19000 miles on it. It is a single owner bike and owner seems to know his way around his bikes. I am paying $8500 for this deal. Do you guys think it is a good bargain? What else should I look for in a Fatbob with that...
  10. Dyna General Discussions
    I wasn’t sure where to post this so my bad if it’s the wrong spot. I’m looking to add floorboards to my forward controls on my 1999 FXDWG. I’ve spent hours looking and can’t find a decent option. I’m looking for some kind of adapter so any kind of good aftermarket floorboard or genuine Harley...
  11. Dyna General Discussions
    I have a 2008 dyna super glide that I'm doing some work to. I am putting a two brothers racing exhaust and an arlen ness big sucker air cleaner on it. I am also using a vance and hines fp3 tuner. I was wondering if I can use my oxygen sensors from my old pipes? Thanks Timbo
  12. Exhaust Systems
    I have an 08 dyna super glide. I just got a used 2 brothers gen 2 exhaust. The guy barely used it and its in great condition. Although when I brought it home there were no flanges nor retaining rings. I bought fresh gaskets but should I buy a fresh kit (flanges/rings) or can I reuse the stock...
  13. General Motorcycle Related
    So I’m looking to change up my 06 dyna streetbob. I’m wondering if I can take the dash (speedometer, indication lights, and ignition switch) basically the whole dash console, from a 2013 streetbob to a 2006 streetbob. Wondering if this is possible. Mainly looking to just have my ignition on my...
  14. Engine
    I recently bought an 08 Dyna super glide with 45k miles. I noticed a loud grinding/crunching noise when I tried to restart my bike when it was warm. I replaced the starter clutch but it did not solve the problem. I know the compensators for the twin cam 96 are not rated for the torque and...
  15. Engine
    New to the forum! Just bought an 08 Dyna super glide with 45k miles. Everything sounded great from a cold start. Rode it for 15 minutes then turned it off and when I tried to start it back up while it was still warm there was a grinding noise before it fired up. Tried it a few more times and...
  16. New to the Community
    Purchased my first Harley. A 2011 Superglide. I need to check my engine oil but where the dipstick should be there is a strange screw cap not like the one described in user manual. Does anyone know what this is or how do i check my oil? See photo.
  17. Electrical
    So I have on 06 dyna Street bob. New bike to me and new to riding. I have been going through and upgrading different things here and there ( it was basically a parts bike). But as I get up to the wiring For the headlight, turn signals, and hand controls. I have noticed that the wiring does not...
  18. Dyna General Discussions
    I was wondering what type of dyna seat is this? It says RDW 92/61 0067. It is in very good condition. What is it worth if I were to sell it?
  19. Electrical
    Hey guy, I’ve got 05 FXDI that was neglected pretty bad by it’s previous owners. :( So I’ve been fixing her up little by little. today while installing a horn I discovered a mysterious ground wire that was just tucked away under the fuel tank along with the horn wires. The wire has a spade...
  20. Electrical
    Can I get some help? I have a 2014 dyna FXDL. I have an aftermarket tail light and the break light and signal lights are solid and wont blink or transition between the tail light and break light. Thanks!
1-20 of 33 Results