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  1. Electrical
    2005 Harley Night Train-was replacing turn signals, had power to turn signals and were working while connecting them I lost power to the new turn signals then rear brake light has running light but does not activate when brake is applied (horn stopped working). I replaced the relay fuse this did...
  2. Custom, Chopper General Discussions
    Does anyone know who makes this or have you seen or know where I can get info on this?
  3. Electrical
    So... my siren has been beeping 3 times since the main battery flopped. Finally decided to see the issue and it gave me a nasty corroded siren battery and a connection that gave up the ghost. Can i replace the connector or should i get another siren out right?
  4. Electrical
    The fuse tied to the neutral and oil indicator lights on my 03 sporty keeps blowing… I’ve looked through everything I can without opening up all the wiring looms and what not… anyone have any thoughts or tips about what’s going on? If I change the fuse it works fine until I take the bike for a...
1-4 of 4 Results