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  1. Touring General Discussions
    Trying to delete the communication port on my FLHTCU. Is there anyone that makes a plug? Or do I need to either buy a street glide tank console, or make my own plug?
  2. Engine
    I am looking into purchasing a lower mileage evo Electra glide. 30k or less I am a mechanic by trade so I'm not clueless I just want to see if there's anything I should know :) I've been told evos have or could possibly have cam bearing and lifter failure. depending on the bike I get and the...
  3. New to the Community
    She's a real beauty. Super clean and hungry for the road.
  4. Electrical
    Recently got a 2000 glide classic efi won on e Bay got her shipped home and the fun just started fired up and noticed she idled a little rough and I knew it hadn't been rode in a year is what I was told. Figured gas old no big deal had a full tank put treatment and boost decided to go for a...
  5. Electrical
    Please help me. I cannot find the place to connect my battery tender to my 2021 Ultra Limited Electra Glide. Could someone please send a pic of where it is?
  6. Electrical
    Just picked up this bike, so far everything is great and I am loving the bike. However, as I ride the sound keeps cutting out momentarily. Connected bluetooth and same issue. So I am thinking it has to be the touchscreen head unit or some type of short in the wiring. All speakers die out... Any...
  7. Touring General Discussions
    I have a 92 Electra Glide. I want to put in bluetooth that hopefully has navigation. Sony AV models I like. ANY ADVISE HELP PLEASE LOL!!!
  8. General Motorcycle Related
    Hello all! New to the page and I am looking for advice. I recently retired my 2006 GSXR 750 and proudly purchased a 2015 Electra Glide. I have ridden pretty much my entire life, (I’m 53), but I have always ridden dirt bikes, sport bikes, or cruisers. I feel comfortable ridding the EG, but I feel...
  9. Electrical
    Hi! I'm new to initiating discussion on these forums, so I'm throwing this issue up on a few different places. Apologies if you run across it more than once. 1992 FLHTU - the voltage meter reads 11 volts at the fairing after having read 14 earlier in the day. The stator and voltage regulator...
  10. Touring General Discussions
    Hey folks, I recently got a 2014 Electra Glide Police with the Rushmore upgrades and was wondering if the pipes are interchangeable with a 2018 Street Glide? I'm not super familiar with this bike yet and have a friend that wants to put better sounding pipes on it, but we don't know if we can...
  11. My Bikes

    2011 Electra Glide Limited Tail of the Dragon
  12. My Bikes

    2011 Electra Glide Limited on the Dragon
  13. My Bikes

    2008 Road King
1-19 of 28 Results