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  1. How to make 2015 Street 500 louder

    Street 500 & Street 750 forum
    First time Harley owner here and I was wondering what options I have to make my bike louder. I’ve done a little research and I know there are a few different options, but I’d like to know what everyone else thinks. :unsure:
  2. 2017 Street Glide Cat Heat Shield

    Touring General Discussions
    Does anyone know if you can buy the heat shield for the cat separately and if so the part number for the black shield? I only see the chrome and I believe it is 65400178. Thank you in advance!
  3. 2019 softail street bob fxbb throttle issues

    Touring General Discussions
    Okay so how do I explain this properly, I got a 2019 street bob fxbb with the m8 in it. I started upgrading the bike I put a new air cleaner on the bike (Arlen ness 15 spoke air cleaner) and I took it for a ride saw the check engine light on, that’s obviously going to come on when you change a...
  4. Sportster exhaust

    New to the Community
    I don’t know if I’m posting in the right place or not. But would it be a bad idea to make a metal sleeve to insert in my 2002 sportster exhaust to cover the baffles to make it louder? So I do not have to remove them.
  5. Exhaust Compatability

    Touring General Discussions
    Hey folks, I recently got a 2014 Electra Glide Police with the Rushmore upgrades and was wondering if the pipes are interchangeable with a 2018 Street Glide? I'm not super familiar with this bike yet and have a friend that wants to put better sounding pipes on it, but we don't know if we can...
  6. Lowrider Pipes

    Lowrider Pipes

  7. Lowrider Pipes

    Lowrider Pipes

    Lowrider pipes on 1980 FXEF