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  1. Classics General Discussions
    Had my shovelhead roughly 5 years! Customised it a fair bit! Never seen another one on the UK roads, are there many others out there?
  2. Classics General Discussions
    I have enjoyed Chasing Classic Motorcycles for the last 20 years or so as a hobby. Mostly HD Shovelheads and some Evo models. I brought many bikes back to their formal glory and some I could find in factory unmolested or unmodified condition. I would like to show off some of my finds over quite...
  3. New to the Community
    Where do I begin. My dad restored his 1976 FLH to give to me. His wife at the time didn’t like that he was spending all that time, effort, and money on it. She put a cut on the fuel line while he was in house getting ready to ride. When he tried to start it the carburetor backfired and ignited...
  4. 1980 Flh

    My own creation
1-4 of 4 Results