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  1. New to the Community
    Hey Everyone! New to this Harley riding, i ride an 08 Busa. Just inherited my dads 95 Road King FLHR. It is the Police version? Anyway....does anyone know if you can swap out the speedometer and relocate to the gas tank? This one sits up pretty high...... Also...anyone have any tips on easily...
  2. Electrical
    Good morning y’all! Backstory my husband is excellent at hide & seek….it’s just, well it’s usually unintentional & we’re the only 2 (if not just him) in the game. We’ve got a 2015 FLHR that we’re in the process of changing the tins. Apparently “we” misplaced the terminal housing for the wiring...
  3. New to the Community
    First time Harley owner here just saying howdy. 2020 Stiletto Red FLHR bought last August. Best bike I ever owned.
1-3 of 3 Results