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  1. New to the Community
    I have a 2013 electra glide classic where the factory grips have worn out, but the heaters still works fine... looking for recommendations on replacements that transfer heat easily and won't break the bank !?
  2. General Service and Repair
    I got some kuryakans with throttle boss from a guy. Altogether shipped for $50. My understanding is that on touring models, the grips are tightened down with the shell clamp hand controls. The clutch side grip also gets some glue. But on the clutch grip, it appears to have only been glued on/no...
  3. General Motorcycle Related
    I'm looking at getting new grips for my 2017 street bob. I had my eye of these leather ones from brass balls cycles. They have been out of stock for my bike for about 6 months now. Probably just dont make them for dynas anymore. So my question is would indian scout grips work? The fitment says...
  4. Kuyakyn Iso Grips

    I love these grips! I had them on my first bike and I really missed them so I bought a set for my Ultra. The throttle rocker makes a big difference on your wrist.
1-4 of 4 Results