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  1. Trans/Primary
    Can I put a 6 speed transmission swap in my 02 Fatboy
  2. Electrical
    2005 Harley Night Train-was replacing turn signals, had power to turn signals and were working while connecting them I lost power to the new turn signals then rear brake light has running light but does not activate when brake is applied (horn stopped working). I replaced the relay fuse this did...
  3. Electrical
    I have a 2018 Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114 that last year at the end of riding season the ACR blew right off the top of the rear cylinder and i had to wait for months to gets part tore bike down got it replaced just to find out the battery was dead was at a buddys shop for winter storage and i...
  4. New to the Community
    All detailed up and ready for a LOONNGGG winters nap!(y)(y)(y)(y)
  5. General Motorcycle Related
    I need help figuring out how I can get my 2006 Harley Davidson XL Sportster 1200 Custom running again, she’s in excellent condition and starts right up with no problems… well up until this happened. After riding for about an hour, I got home parked on the driveway a few (maybe 3) hours later I...
  6. 1st stop, took her to meet my pops.

    I had to take her to meet my dad. I haven't seen him smile like this since we lost mom.
  7. Snow and Sun

    I ordered the new Sound Steam Radio and new lights from Watts Audio. He called to let me know the items had arrived. The 🌞 was shining so I said I'll be there asap.
  8. 20211204_114820.jpg

    December 3rd 2021. This first day I bought my Harley Davidson.
  9. My dad lives taking pictures

    I had to go show my Dad.
  10. Touring General Discussions
    I have a 2020 street glide. I bought some v&h slip ons and air cleaner then of course bought the infamous 5,000 5-star reviewed fuel pack. I for the life of me cannot find a single bad review on the fuel pack. After installing the bike will not fire. I had the local dealership come pick it up...
  11. Crazy train

    Spent past few years customizing and molding style. I like it. Stock power train. Lowered / raked suspension. Custom tins.
  12. General Service and Repair
    Hello, I have a 2002 hatley 883 sportster. It was running great last ride. I did run out of gas a block from the nearest gas station. (Dumb I know) flipped it on reserve and rode and filled it up. Ran fine the last 15 miles home. Went to ride it today and won't stay running without pulling...
  13. Electrical
    Good Day all, My Dad has a 2011 Heritage Softtail (Classic I believe) and he noticed when riding home he received a red light in the cluster. We determined how to pull the code and he has b6626, b2161. Which from my research is a tail light issue. Currently he has no brake light brightness from...
  14. Softail General Discussions
    I have a 2008 softail fxstc and could use help, I would like to know what other parts could I use to swap like fenders or solo seat even add floor boards. Will another softail model fit my bike? If so what models? And years? Any help would trully be helpful. Thank you
1-18 of 18 Results