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  1. Dyna General Discussions
    I am trying to remove the stock air cleaner cover on my 2016 Street bob, but when I try and unscrew the center screw it just spins freely. I do not want to damage the OEM cover to remove it. Has anyone else had this issue and knows of a solution?
  2. Sportster General Discussions
    I bought a replacement tank from eBay that said it was OEM. I cannot find a fuel cap to fit the tank. It appears to me that the thread pitch on the replacement tank is different. I will attach a picture of the original tank and the new one so you can see. I tried bending the vent in the top...
  3. Sportster General Discussions
    I have a 2016 iron 883 which is having an issue starting. It's been sitting since last fall but has never had any issues before. The battery is fully charged and all electrical connections that i can see look to be connected. When i turn the key to ignition to start it there is a faint clicking...
  4. Sportster General Discussions
    Does anyone know what years HD changed the gas cap thread pitch or style on the forty-eight? I have a 2014 forty-eight with the hard candy custom tank on it, but I wanted a vivid black tank. I ordered a tank that is the same color as what you'd find on a 2020 forty-eight. The gas cap from my...
  5. General Motorcycle Related
    Hello, I've inherited some rolling chassis, but, I know little to nothing about them. I was just wondering how much these are worth (they have titles) because they're too much for me to hold onto and i would like to let go of them in the future. Any help is appreciated, thank you! (Titles say...
  6. New to the Community
    New rider from Queens, NY. Also a noob to Harley Davison motorcycles. Riding an Iron 833. Decided to join the Forums for 3 major reasons. 1. The HD dealership quoted me insane prices for routine intervals maintenance. So I may need help with some maintenance information to work on the...
  7. General Motorcycle Related
    Hi guys, new to Harleys and I'm looking into some parts and having trouble identifying them. Exhaust System: Rear Wheel Guard: Look forward to any replies. Regards, Ben.
  8. Classified - Wanted
    Now my fellow Americans. Go to show you the true snowflake's of America. Me and three other brothers were going to start a new build for our service man and woman not just the military but fire police medical professional. We was going to call it bikes for rights. It kind of like over hauling on...
1-8 of 8 Results