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  1. Fuel Systems
    I have a 1981 Shovelhead, and I have noticed after riding that when I pull up to a stop light or something the bike wont idle back down. If I slowly release the clutch to give the bike some power it will then drop the idle back down and stay there even if you pull back in the clutch. It does not...
  2. Dyna General Discussions
    I am trying to remove the stock air cleaner cover on my 2016 Street bob, but when I try and unscrew the center screw it just spins freely. I do not want to damage the OEM cover to remove it. Has anyone else had this issue and knows of a solution?
  3. Engine
    I just some heads. The first is marked 16721-84D and the other is marked 16857-00Y. Does anyone know what these heads are for? I assume they are EVO heads but I cant find any information on the one marked 16857-00Y. Thanks
  4. Sportster General Discussions
    I have a 06 XL1200L. I have rear brake problems and I am completely stumped. I have replaced the master cylinder, bled them a thousand times and I still don’t know what’s wrong. I have topped fluid off every time I bleed. I use a vacuum bleeder to bled. I’ll have brakes after I bleed for about...
  5. Dyna General Discussions
    Does anyone know if a chassis stabilizer will work with a Bung King crash bar? Can you run both of these without any issues? Anyone have any good chassis stabilizer recommendations?
  6. Body and Paint
    Does anyone know a good painter in New Orleans? Not looking for a crazy custom job just need to get my 2016 Street Bob painted gloss black. Thanks.
  7. Dyna General Discussions
    I am new to owning a HD. Only had my Dyna for about 10 months. I have a 2010 superglide custom. Pipes are screaming eagle slip ons with baffles removed. Stock air cleaner (high flow on the way). Lots of decel popping and runs HOT. My question is: I have a 61007A fuelpak this is the older model...
  8. Touring General Discussions
    I’m on a multi day road trip and my 2020 FLHP just threw a code. I tried to reset it and it re-throws it. C0077c I checked online and it said low tire pressure. Front tire pressure is right around 40 and rear is 41. The dash is reading the tpms sensors correctly even when I manually check the...
  9. Touring General Discussions
    I have a 2020 FLHP and randomly (or what seems random) when I turn the bike off the license plate light and the dash odometer screen are staying on. Just got home and had to fiddle with the ignition and run/kill switch to get it to turn off when I turn the bike off. Any ideas why this might be...
  10. Touring General Discussions
    So I put on some Cobra NH 4" and been running them for a couple weeks now. There is an odd whistle like sound specifically when I'm doing 40-50 mph and gently rolling on throttle between 2800 - 3100 rpms. Its not super consistent but those are the speed/rpms ive noticed it the most. I cant tell...
  11. Softail General Discussions
    Hey everyone, I’m new here and have a bit of a dilemma. So I have a 2020 street bob and it has a pretty good dent in it which caused the paint to crack as well. No shops around me are willing to fix the dent so I figured I’d just buy a new tank. Problem is that they are extremely expensive but I...
  12. Sportster General Discussions
    I had just got a 1997 sportster 1200 that has been sitting for a while owner said it ran fine when he put it away (family). The problems started at a gas leak from petcock (I replaced it) but it also had a backfire that sounded like it came from the carburetor area. I had Found out it could be...
  13. Dyna General Discussions
    Hey all i got a 08 superglide with i belive is a 6 speed redhunter exhaust looking to switch to mid controls Cuz dammit i want em! was looking at getting tc bros mid controlkit since i cant sourcea stock setup Unless anyone knows where i can get it shipped this week to ca before i head back...
  14. Electrical
    The fuse tied to the neutral and oil indicator lights on my 03 sporty keeps blowing… I’ve looked through everything I can without opening up all the wiring looms and what not… anyone have any thoughts or tips about what’s going on? If I change the fuse it works fine until I take the bike for a...
  15. General Service and Repair
    I stripped out the screws doing a brake fluid flush on 2014 iron 883. Finished the front but the rear screws stripped. Would like to replace front and rear screws 1. How do I get oem replacement screws? Do I have to purchase the a master cylinder cover to get the screws?Park number for...
  16. Sportster General Discussions
    I'm looking to replace the throttle cables on my bike but not sure what length to get. Everything is stock (so far) and I cant seem to find any size info in the service manual. TIA
  17. Sportster General Discussions
    I just bought today 1500 sportster. Got it home it fired up real good. Had to leave to go back to work. Came home hoping for a nice ride and it wont start up. The lights on flash. Horn dont work. Could it be battery or even the fob is bad? Any help would be great!
  18. General Motorcycle Related
    Hey guys, I'm looking at purchasing an exhaust for my 99 1200 custom. I notice for 14 and up sportsters vance and hines makes the big radius exhaust. I contacted vance n hines and the way they talk these pipes would work on my bike except for where they bolt at the bottom. Has anyone tried this...
  19. General Service and Repair
    the throttle cable on my dads bike rusted apart and my father has been sick so I had to change them for him. Now I’ve got the throttle working fine but I can’t remember where this tube connects to, as the bike has been sitting for a while. Any help would be appreciated because I can’t find any...
  20. General Motorcycle Related
    Hi guys, new to Harleys and I'm looking into some parts and having trouble identifying them. Exhaust System: Rear Wheel Guard: Look forward to any replies. Regards, Ben.
1-20 of 24 Results