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  1. Electrical
    The fuse tied to the neutral and oil indicator lights on my 03 sporty keeps blowing… I’ve looked through everything I can without opening up all the wiring looms and what not… anyone have any thoughts or tips about what’s going on? If I change the fuse it works fine until I take the bike for a...
  2. General Service and Repair
    I stripped out the screws doing a brake fluid flush on 2014 iron 883. Finished the front but the rear screws stripped. Would like to replace front and rear screws 1. How do I get oem replacement screws? Do I have to purchase the a master cylinder cover to get the screws?Park number for...
  3. Sportster General Discussions
    I'm looking to replace the throttle cables on my bike but not sure what length to get. Everything is stock (so far) and I cant seem to find any size info in the service manual. TIA
  4. Sportster General Discussions
    I just bought today 1500 sportster. Got it home it fired up real good. Had to leave to go back to work. Came home hoping for a nice ride and it wont start up. The lights on flash. Horn dont work. Could it be battery or even the fob is bad? Any help would be great!
  5. General Motorcycle Related
    Hey guys, I'm looking at purchasing an exhaust for my 99 1200 custom. I notice for 14 and up sportsters vance and hines makes the big radius exhaust. I contacted vance n hines and the way they talk these pipes would work on my bike except for where they bolt at the bottom. Has anyone tried this...
  6. General Service and Repair
    the throttle cable on my dads bike rusted apart and my father has been sick so I had to change them for him. Now I’ve got the throttle working fine but I can’t remember where this tube connects to, as the bike has been sitting for a while. Any help would be appreciated because I can’t find any...
  7. General Motorcycle Related
    Hi guys, new to Harleys and I'm looking into some parts and having trouble identifying them. Exhaust System: Rear Wheel Guard: Look forward to any replies. Regards, Ben.
  8. General Service and Repair
    Bike: 2014 XL1200T Mileage: 5000 Problem: when I turn on the bike all of the lights turn on , on the speedo, momentarily per usual but when I start it, it kind of struggles and the transmission light illuminates for a few seconds then turns off. This has only been happening for a week or two...
  9. New to the Community
    First off, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jeremy a proud new owner of 98 Sportster XL 1200c. I’m not sure how this all works but I’d like some advice on troubleshooting a problem. I read on someone else’s thread that the first step for newbies is to introduce yourself before expecting many...
  10. General Motorcycle Related
    I have a whinning noise in my primary. I just put fowards on did everything back to specs. Still makes a whistling noise when I give it gas. Natural and clutch in it goes away. Any reason it's making that noise?
  11. Sportster General Discussions
    Wanting to make the forks stock length. People at Harley can’t even seem to tell me what needs to be done. They said everything is different inside. Before taking them apart and seeing what’s actually inside, I wanna see if anyone already knows. What would it take to extend the forks a mere 2...
1-11 of 11 Results