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iron 833
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    Hi there, just got my first Harley and I'm asking myself : has anyone already install a T-bar and this beautiful horizontal Fat Bob DEL headlight on an Iron 883 ? It would look stunning... !
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    HD dealership quoted me $700 to change the fork oil. (Maybe they do a rebuild). I don’t need a rebuild just want to replace the old fork oil and $700 is crazy to me. I haven’t called any Indy shops, but I will. It’s mostly looking like I will tackle on this project on my own for the first...
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    New rider from Queens, NY. Also a noob to Harley Davison motorcycles. Riding an Iron 833. Decided to join the Forums for 3 major reasons. 1. The HD dealership quoted me insane prices for routine intervals maintenance. So I may need help with some maintenance information to work on the...
1-4 of 4 Results