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  1. Fuel Systems
    bought an 02 sportster 1200 recently it ran great except for 1 or two little sputters/coughs when it was cold at low rpm. I changed the mufflers to ones with little to no baffle in them (it came with stock pipes) and I put on an Arlen ness air cleaner now it sputters and hesitates pretty bad...
  2. General Motorcycle Related
    I have a Twin Cam 96” and I am using a S&S Super E carb, teardrop air cleaner with Vance & Hines Bigshots. I put about 100 miles on it and it seems to be running good and has good throttle response. But, I do get a lot of popping on decel. I’m running a .031 intermediate jet and a .076 main jet...
  3. General Motorcycle Related
    Hey guys, I just swapped the stock pipes on my bike to some V&H Super Radius. Still running stock cv carb. New plugs and here are pictures after about 80 miles on them. Trying to determine whether I’m running too rich or lean, bike seems to run fine. My buddy who is a HD mechanic says looks lean...
1-3 of 3 Results