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  1. Fuel Systems
    bought an 02 sportster 1200 recently it ran great except for 1 or two little sputters/coughs when it was cold at low rpm. I changed the mufflers to ones with little to no baffle in them (it came with stock pipes) and I put on an Arlen ness air cleaner now it sputters and hesitates pretty bad...
  2. Sportster General Discussions
    Hi everyone, newbie Harley owner from little ol New Zealand here. Recently bought a 2001 sportster XL 1200, took it to Harley NZ for a full service but still having issues with back firing and intermittent loss of power. Have removed stock CV carb, cleaned and replaced the slider piston before...
  3. New to the Community
    I am having a total nightmare on this. I have took it to the shop 2 times now. 1st trip said it was my rear injector . So we replaced it . It ran good for 1 day then right back to back firing real bad sounds like running on one cylinder. Took it back he said it was the fuel pump not getting...
1-3 of 3 Results