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  1. New to the Community
    Hey hey hey! Nice to meet you all. With all honesty, I'm not an HD rider. At least yet. My name is Dave, I'm almost 42 years old. I've been a rider for 5 years now, on a 250cc scooter. I know, I know. I know exactly what you're thinking. But here's the thing: I just can't afford one...
  2. New to the Community
    Hello from Southern California. I got my new Heritage 114 about 2 months ago and I'm loving it! Previously was riding a 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1700. I finally got it it customized the way I liked, but the beast was just too heavy. Traded for the Harley and not looking back.
  3. New to the Community
    D_rail, Darrel Mize / Bakersfield, Ca.
1-3 of 3 Results