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  1. Electrical
    2005 Harley Night Train-was replacing turn signals, had power to turn signals and were working while connecting them I lost power to the new turn signals then rear brake light has running light but does not activate when brake is applied (horn stopped working). I replaced the relay fuse this did...
  2. General Motorcycle Related
    Hello all. Hopefully get some help here. So I went away a month ago for the military so my bike sat for a month. I had manual petcock turned off( was replaced 2 mo. Ago). I came home and found bike almost completely empty from sitting. I had approx. a gallon of fresh gas I put in and with fuel...
  3. My Baby

    2004 night train
  4. My Night Train

    2009 NIGHT TRAIN
  5. My Night Train

    2009 NIGHT TRAIN
  6. My Night Train

    2009 NIGHT TRAIN
1-7 of 7 Results