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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    Okay so I got a 2015 sportster 48 from a HD dealer last week. First day I take it for a 125mi ride, on the way back I notice my front exhast shaking. Turns out the top stud broke, to get it home I went to the nearest autozone and got it out and got a bot with same thread count and pitch. I was...
  2. New to the Community
    Hello from 🇬🇧 I’ve just joined after reading these threads for a while now to get answers so have a question of my own so thought I would sign up. I’ve just bought a 2019 Breakout FXBRS and just fitted mini grenades as my first Mod. The Bungs are larger than what was on the originals so I'm...
  3. Sportster General Discussions
    ive been having an issue with my 2016 sportster 1200 . The best way to describe it is that the engine get a sudden power loss. Its like it hesitates. I was told to change the o2 sensors, but the problem continued. I checked the codes and this is what showed up P0031 front h02s open low P0051...
1-3 of 3 Results