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  1. Oil and Filters
    Greetings Any one have experience with using a crash bar as a additional oil reservoir and oil cooler ? Any experience in using the crash bar as a reserve fuel cell? Wolly
  2. Oil and Filters
    I have a 2020 FLHP I bought 2 months ago with 10k miles on it. I have now put 3800 miles on it (odo @ 13800) since buying it. When I bought the bike the oil was at the yellow line in the picture and now this is where it is at (cold). It has not beend dripping oil in the parking lots or anything...
  3. Oil and Filters
    Alright long story short. My dumb ass took my 04 Duece (88) out after winter without checking the oil. Was loosing power but had gas so I knew it had to be oil related. She was bone dry some how (no leaks over winter) had someone bring me couple quarts of 20-50 then next thing you know it's...
  4. New to the Community
    Purchased my first Harley. A 2011 Superglide. I need to check my engine oil but where the dipstick should be there is a strange screw cap not like the one described in user manual. Does anyone know what this is or how do i check my oil? See photo.
  5. Sportster General Discussions
    Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone has ever had to replace the feed line from the oil tank to the engine. It seems like most people have problems with the drain tube but the tube feeding the oil to the engine is that one that cracked on my bike. How do I replace this? The way it fits into the...
1-5 of 5 Results