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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    Hello, first I have to say this is my first harley davidson. So i have an 04 sportster 1200 Roadster with 2700 miles and always maintained from what im told allthough I have yet to change the oil I just purchased it 2 months ago and put mybe 100 miles on it..Today it was 95 degrees and I went...
  2. Engine
    Hi guys New member hoping someone cam help with a bit of advice. rode my bike to test centre for it annual road worthy test and all was good it was a hot day and guys in test centre took bike in for test and i had to remain outside because of covid. i could hear the bike running and reving for...
  3. New to the Community
    I own a 2015 Fatboy. I made the huge mistake of running the bike too long without moving. When I heard the first knock, I ran outside and noticed the knock in the engine and white smoke coming from the engine. I turned the bike off immediately. I am not a bike mechanic but I do know my way...
1-3 of 3 Results