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  1. Fuel Systems
    I have a 1981 Shovelhead, and I have noticed after riding that when I pull up to a stop light or something the bike wont idle back down. If I slowly release the clutch to give the bike some power it will then drop the idle back down and stay there even if you pull back in the clutch. It does not...
  2. Trans/Primary
    I am looking for the narrowest Transmission + Clutch + Primary possible. I want to customise 1967 early shovelhead with 4 speed gearbox. At the moment it has 3 inch belt, 3 stud clutch and Tech cycles 4 speed isolator series electric start kit. But it is very wide and now I want to make it...
  3. Classics General Discussions
    Had my shovelhead roughly 5 years! Customised it a fair bit! Never seen another one on the UK roads, are there many others out there?
  4. Classics General Discussions
    I have enjoyed Chasing Classic Motorcycles for the last 20 years or so as a hobby. Mostly HD Shovelheads and some Evo models. I brought many bikes back to their formal glory and some I could find in factory unmolested or unmodified condition. I would like to show off some of my finds over quite...
  5. Coming Back To Life

    1982 FLH Shovelhead
1-5 of 5 Results